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"“Somehow despite a built-in aversion to new-agey type things I found myself at Jon Paul’s Breathwork class and I’m lucky I did because it’ was a great experience. Memorable, useful and Important."

Owen Wilson - Actor

Five Day Emotional Detox

This is a five day course that will seriously transform every aspect of your life. Especially your relationships with others and more importantly with yourself.


Breathwork for Autoimmune

This course is designed for anyone with an Autoimmune condition but could just as easily be used by someone new to Breathwork and wants to learn the fundamentals of Breathwork and six incredibly transformational Breathing and visualization techniques.


Breathwork Teacher Training "Basic's & One-on-One"

I'm super excited to release my Breathwork Teacher Training Online. It's been a labor of love and I can't wait for you to learn from it and go out and change lives. (Including your own)


Breathwork Teacher Training "How to Lead Couples & Groups"

I'm super excited to release my Breathwork Teacher Training Online. It's been a labor of love and I can't wait for you to learn from it and go out and change lives. (Including your own)


Professionally Prerecorded

The Breathwork Teacher Trainings were recorded with two cameras and professional sound and editing. They were created with the intention of translating the in-person courses into an incredible online experience. One of the many benefits is that you're able to go back over the material anytime to really absorb and use it.

Breathwork Teacher Training Certification Bundle 

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Become Breathwork Teacher Certified

It's easier than you think to become a certified Breathwork Teacher. You can do it all online now.

Jon Paul Crimi

Originally from Boston, in his early 20’s, Jon Paul moved to Los Angeles and quickly became one of the most sought after Celebrity Trainers and Sober Coaches in the Country. Unexpectedly, he found himself in a breathwork class and had a massive transformation that first time. Knowing he had to share this technique, he not only began teaching but developed his own unique style and quickly began selling out classes all over Los Angeles.

Jon Paul currently resides in Bend Oregon with his wife and two children, but returns monthly to Los Angeles to teach his sold-out classes and workshops, as well as, lead his in-demand Breathwork Teacher Trainings.

What makes Jon Paul stand apart is his east coast no-nonsense approach. He has taken the “New Agey” part out of breathwork and both companies and corporations are filling his calendar. CEOs and the Forbes set have found themselves in his classes and have hired him to teach all their employees. Jon Paul has broadened his classes into customized workshops and corporate retreats of all sizes all over the country.

Jon Paul has appeared on Good Morning America and has been featured in The Huffington Post and The Hollywood Reporter. You can find him on countless talk shows and podcasts both domestically and internationally, as he continues his work to make breathwork more accessible and mainstream.

Jon Paul believes there is no one who can’t benefit from this practice and he has the Olympians, Oscar, Emmy and Grammy winners to prove it. Witnessing people visibly transform, often after just one session, is why he greets each day excited to turn people towards their most authentic selves and he has made it his life work to reach as many people as possible.

"“I hate Breathwork and Jon Paul (Kidding) but if you must do Breathwork make sure you do it with Jon Paul."

Matthew Perry - Actor

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David Josefsberg Teacher Testimonial


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