What People are Saying...

What People are Saying...

“I hate Breathwork and Jon Paul (Kidding) but if you must do Breathwork make sure you do it with Jon Paul.”


“Breathwork changed my life. Jon Paul‘s passion and style inspired me to Go through his teacher training program. A game true game changer In my practice of mindfulness. Breathwork is undeniable.”


“Somehow despite a built-in aversion to new-agey type things I found myself at Jon Paul’s Breathwork class and I’m lucky I did because it’ was a great experience. Memorable, useful and Important.”



A few months ago, I didn’t know breathwork existed. And I certainly didn’t know it was a thing. After researching a few other trainers, I eventually I found my way to Jon Paul. There was just something different about him so I decided to follow my instincts and give it a try.

Now, after my first teacher training with him I can positively say I made the right decision AND I’ve found the missing link I didn’t know I was looking for. With an extensive training background that ranges from the most cutting-edge personal development systems to exploring the realm of plant medicines in the jungles of Peru, I’ve discovered that BREATHWORK is a powerful (and easily accessible) tool that binds it all together.

For me, Breathwork has filled in the creative gap and has given my life a "breath of fresh air".

Thanks to Jon Paul’s no-nonsense, non “woo-woo” approach to this transformational tool called breathwork, I can’t wait to integrate it into my life and business. So many more lives will be transformed!

If you’re on the fence about breathwork or training with Jon Paul, do yourself a favor, hop off and go transform your life in his next training.




My journey with breathwork and Jon Paul started in April 2017. A friend kept encouraging me to go but I wasn't ready. She told me it would change my life and part of me was terrified of what that would mean. Change is scary! But, I knew change was necessary. I could no longer do what I've always done and was tired of being in the same place. Seeing everyone around me living full lives and feeling stuck in mine. So I started breathing every single week with Jon Paul for the last eight months. Every single week I experienced a huge emotional and physical transformation. I cried, A LOT! wondering if I would ever stop crying and when my life would actually change.

The changes were subtle at first. Small things like staying account-able with food, exercise and spending. Then relationships with friends and family shifted and I felt myself creating boundaries where they were needed. Business improved and I moved to a bigger and better location after five years in the same place. I gave myself permission to travel more, explore and feel free of the stories I had told myself for so many years. I feel different! I am different! How I show up for myself and others is different. Breathwork is changing my life and I am so grateful that Jon Paul shares his story, his enthusiasm and his technique every week and changes lives. Thank you JP for changing lives one breath at a time.




I had an incredible experience when I did Jon Paul's breath work class a couple of weeks ago and I have done it another two times since. His class is going in my rotation of self-care. He is incredible in what he does and what he does is help facilitate getting in touch with yourself. I know this sounds all touchy/feely, but it's much bigger than that. I cried like I haven't in years and got to some deeper things I thought I had dealt with and also tapped into the fact that there is more to uncover. He gets you to connect with your chewy center. I took another breath work class and it was nice but it wasn't this. Jon Paul talks you through your experience that makes it more powerful and lasting and gives a greater benefit. I am recommending it to everyone I know because everyone needs this. This work gets you to take a deeper look at what you are struggling with be it anger, grief, depression or just the confusion of being human.

He does his thing at a church in Santa Monica every Monday and it is the perfect space where you are surrounded with like minded people just trying to get better. Simply put, this works. I have done many things for many years and this is so profound. After one session I was sold. How many things can you say that about? If you aren't local, take his online class from the privacy and ease of your own home. This is one of those times when I just say....do it. You will shock yourself how deep we carry things and how this will help you unload and release stuff you thought you had handled. This is the real deal. It sounds like I may be overselling it, but I promise you I am not. Go love yourself and just do it.




Jon Paul is an absolute genius at what he does. His powerful breathwork classes have completely transformed my life. You don't just lie there and breathe, his classes are a true experience that is hard to put into words. Between Jon Paul motivating you, the amazing music, the gong, being able to use our voice and scream, and the special ending he has at the end of the class (I don't want to give it away if you haven't taken his class before), it puts me in a state of pure bliss, excitement and gratitude for my life.

I have taken many breathwork classes by different teachers and none of them compare or even come close to Jon Paul's class. A few months ago, I decided to have a private breathwork session with him after attending his amazing teacher training because I wanted more of this experience. By the way, I held off on doing privates for a while because I didn't think a private session would be that much different than taking his class. I was 100% wrong in thinking his classes would be a similar experience as a private. Having a private breathwork session with Jon Paul takes everything to a whole other level. It's the best gift you can give yourself. I now go regularly and have private breathwork sessions as well as attend his classes.

I think one of the reasons that JP resonates with so many people from all walks of life, both males and females, is that he is real, raw, unedited, loud and funny. He is not your typical soft spoken, meditative music breathwork instructor. And that's what I love about him!!! JP is going to push you like no one else has ever pushed you. Working with him will give you the biggest natural high on life that you have ever experienced. And JP's heart is in the right place for doing this work, he wants to help transform peoples' lives. I am a better person because of the work I have done with JP, both in his classes and in private sessions. Don't hesitate if you are thinking about going to Jon Paul, it will change your life.